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Born in Rafaela to Pedro and Yolanda Aimaretti.

She has one sibling, the future Borges scholar Zunilda Aimaretti de Gertel.  Family friends include Olga, Leticia and Blanca Cossettini, as well as Aurora Borda, all influential figures in progressive education in Argentina.  Studies painting and drawing with Blanca Cossettini.



Receives degree from Escuela Nacional Normal Superior in Rosario as Profesora Normal in English language and literature.  Paints and draws at the Taller Ricardo Sivori and Amigos de Arte.



Wins scholarship to study in the United States.

Among her recommendations is one from Olga Cossettini.



Masters in Education, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Marries John Thayer Ogilvie, a poet and graduate student in the department of English and American literature. 

Forms life-long friendships with the sculptor David Hayes and the innovative metalsmith Alma Eikerman.



Lives and works independently in England and travels through Europe with her husband, who has received a Fulbright grant.



Death of her husband, John Ogilvie.  Birth of a daughter, Arabella.



Master of Fine Arts, Painting.  Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana



Postgraduate studies in intaglio printing (etching and engraving) with Argentine expatriate, Mauricio Lazansky, University of Iowa, Iowa City. 

Becomes an American citizen. 

Friends include the historian Christopher Lasch, fellow artists Virginia Myers, Keith Achepohl, and future avant-garde artist and punk rock musician Virginia Piersol, as well as many writers from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

Travels to Guerrero, Mexico with the novelist Vance Bourjaily and his wife Bettina. 

The following year, drives across the Southwest and Mexico to the Yucatan and lives there for several months.



Atelier 17, Paris, France.  Studies with William Stanley Hayter

Her circle of friends includes many musicians, such as the Argentine conductor Mario Benzecry.

Krishna Reddy is Associate Director of Atelier 17.  



Travels extensively throughout Europe.

Her social circle includes farmers, political exiles from the Spanish Civil War, artists and intellectuals from Paris (the impresario Jacques Canetti, the dancer and widow of Boris Vian, Ursula Kübler, the demographer Alfred Sauvy, and the antifascist activists Georges Grigoroff Balkanski and Madeleine Lamberet).



Returns to the U.S.A. and joins the faculty of Ripon College, Ripon, Wisconsin.



Resides at Ox-Bow School of Art, an artists’ colony in Saugatuck, Michigan. Resides at the Ossabaw Foundation for Creative Persons, on Ossabaw Island, GA.

Paints in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.  



Fulbright Senior Scholar, Costa Rica.

During two years, lives in three different types of rainforest: The Monteverde  Cloud Forest and Nature Reserve; the La Selva preserve near Nicaragua; and the Robert and Catherine Wilson Tropical Gardens and Forest Preserve on the border with Panama.



Extends her stay in Costa Rica.



Retires from Ripon College and Full Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Art. 

Her career as a painter is cut short by illness.



Dies in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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